Established in 1926, headquartered in Italy in Genova, for over 90 years CONTESSI has pursued and maintained quality in the design and manufacture of equipment for manual and automated oxygen cutting for heavy duty operations in steel mills, foundries and scrap-cutting facilities.

CONTESSI is the market leader enjoying a high regard worldwide for its oxygen blowing and injection equipment for steel mill applications.

CONTESSI customers on 5 continents are particularly satisfied with the high level of assistance they provide; and you can count on the reliable availability of spare parts.

CONTESSI knows that every customer has particular and everchanging needs and concerns. As part of its consultancy service, it brings unique solutions to old problems safe solutions at the cutting edge of technology combined with a comprehensive economic and financial evaluation.

Our customers say “Let’s talk to CONTESSI about it”

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CONTESSI offers the following items to help you in your activities with:

  • Oxygen lance holders, safety devices and valves.
  • Continuous casting torches, tips and automatons.
  • Quick intervention torches.
  • Tuyères for AOD converters.
  • Supersonic lances.
  • Oxy-fuel burners for arc furnaces.
  • Thermal lance oxygen cutting, piercing and cleaning.
  • Oxy-cutting for heavy applications, machinery break-up & other special purposes.
  • Oxy-cutting equipment using iron powder for high-alloy steels
  • Portable carriage-type machines for manual cutting
  • Self-extinguishing flexible hoses
  • Pressure regulators
  • Modular plate systems & tap posts for feeding, regulating and measuring gases

….and many other items and equipment

Applications in Steel Mills:

  • Furnace tap-hole opening.
  • Oxygen blowing / injection for carbon reduction.
  • Oxy-fuel burners for supplementary energy input in arc furnaces.
  • BOF pouring-hole cleaning.
  • Secondary steelmaking vessel operations.
  • Ladle slidegate opening and cleaning.
  • Continuous casting cut-off automatons.
  • Continuous casting tundish nozzle / slidegate opening & clearing.
  • Casting stage intervention.
  • Breakout cleanup operations.
  • Cast strand emergency intervention≠≠.
  • Post-cast ladle and tundish washing .

Countries represented:

    Middle East :
  • Bahrain
  • Iraq
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates